Viral nucleic acid purification kit - Covid 19

This nucleic acid extraction reagent is based on superparamagnetic nano-magnetic particles, which canspecififically adsorb nucleic acids through hydrogen bonds and electrostatic under the condition of highconcentration of chaotropic agents, while proteins or other non-specififically adsorbed small amounts ofimpurities are removed, and fifinally the nucleic acid is eluted with low-salt buffffer or RNase Free ddH2O. Thekit is suitable for purifying high-quality viral nucleic acid from serum, plasma, lymphatic flfluid, cell-free bodyflfluid, cell culture supernatant or various virus preservation solutions. The purifified nucleic acid can beapplied to various routine operations, including RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, flfluorescent quantitative PCR and otherdownstream experiments.